We have been discussing SEO a lot at ShoutMeLoud and one thing in particular you have found us talking the most and that is backlinks. Have you ever thought or wondered what’s the importance of backlinks and why it’s important for your site SEO.

If you are a newbie and looking to get an answer, then read on. Backlinks are one of the important aspect of SEO.

Backlink is a most talked about term in the World of blogging.Why everyone talk about this term. Is it really that much important for any blog?

The answer is Yes. The next question came in our mind is how and why?

Importance of Backlinks in SEO

Baclink is important in terms of SEO of the blog. More the backlinks more the credibility of the blog. But there are more and more factors involves in the deciding factors of SEO.Lets discuss one by one. But before discussing this lets discuss what actually the backlink is.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are links that directed towards your website or a blog.Backlinks are also known as inbound links. Backlinks are important in terms of SEO because more the backlinks more the chance of your website to come on top of search engines. Many search engines include the backlinks factor in deciding feature of search engine algorithm.In easy words if your website has a more number of backlinks then your website is more credible in Google‘s eye. So would you satisfied with all the links coming from any sites?

You shouldn’t because when search engines manipulate the relevance of a site to any keyword, then number of Quality inbound links to that site is a deciding factor. Now the question is

Why Backlinks are important:

Now, lets look into the tough part first and understand why backlinks are important from a search engine perspective and why you need to work on building tons of quality links to your blog. Now, here I’m not talking about building those crappy links which you can easily create by hiring some one on Fiverr, but I’m talking about those natural links which point to your site via other people blog post, guest post or via commenting.

Search engine ranking:

One of the foremost importance of backlinks are better ranking in Search engine. When you get quality links to your pages on website, it will help improve the search engine ranking. Though the key is getting links with anchor text. If you are working on this strategy, keep a variation of anchor text (50-30-20%) and only get it from niche blogs or high and quality domains.

Faster indexing:

Now, when ever you create a new site, the major problem is letting Google index it quickly. With backlinks from an active site (Which is crawled frequently), you can easily index your site in no time. I have shared a complete guide on the same on How to index your site in Google in 24 hrs.

Page Rank:

Backlinks, directly impact your page rank too. If you manage to get link back from high quality and high PR Site, you can always expect a good PR in the next update.

What are Quality backlinks?

Backlinks can come from any site that is related to content of website or from any other niche website. Suppose Shoutmeloud is a blog which tell us about blogging,technology and web 2.0 but the backlinks of the blog comes from any finance website then it would not be considered as a Quality backlinks. So the link coming from more relevant website would be considered as more important. For example if link is coming from any technology website then it would me more relevant because it is also a blog filled with content related to technology and web 2.0.

Note: People often make more than two websites and try to link all the website by generating lots of backlinks. This is a nice practice but you shouldn’t do this if your both sites are on the same IP. You can’t hide yourself from Google eyes, it will catch you and fine you.

Many of us play a link exchange game via blogroll, giving link of any site in exchange of our link. We must take care before this habit.If you exchange the link with a popular and trustworthy website then it is OK but if you link with any bad website then it would be hazardous to your website too.

The best practice of Link exchange will be making a tripod. Like Website A give a link back to Website B, Website B give a link back to website C and Website C give a linkback to website A. This way you will not be falling into the scheme of link farm and you will be getting link back on all your websites.

Importance of Commenting

Commenting on a dofollow website is famous amongst bloggers because it gives backlinks to our website. Depending on the blog comment attributes, with one comment you might be lucky to get a quality backlink and traffic. Though you should Follow a strategy view to add comments on blog.

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