Discover 8 ways a server can make your business more efficient

1. Fast Backups- minimize the risk of lost data with quick backups and redundant hard drives
2. Control your e-mail- centralize your business email system and help make it easy to manage
3. Increase Privacy- protect sensitive files and control who has access to them
4. Multilayered protection- help defend your business‘ IT network by filtering or blocking unwanted content
5. Share effectively- share files, printers, contact lists and calendars
6. Anytime access- Access your server-based files, data and email from virtually anywhere, allowing employees to work remotely
7. Manage accessories- control printers, scanners and other accessories from one centralized location
8. Dell Deployment Services- no hassle setup with having your server installed by a Dell technician.

Businesses with multiple servers or limited square footage
or storage space. Let the latest generation of PowerEdge
rack servers fuel your innovation. Featuring high-performance
computing with flexible, flash-optimized hybrid-storage options,

PowerEdge rack servers are designed to maximize IT efficiency
for a wide range of workloads including virtualization, collaboration,
business processing and decision support. The agent-free
embedded server management simplifies and automates IT
administration, and ensures a more efficient and highly available
data center.
1.PowerEdge Rack Servers
2.PowerEdge Rack Servers

a. How do you know if you should be considering virtualizing ?
b. Is data management a struggle?
c. Is IT agility important to your business?

The data center is in the midst of a major transition.
Organizations (big and small) are using virtualization
to drive consolidation and operational efficiency, simplify
operations and management, and speed new services.
They are moving from one-server, one workload approach
to running virtual instances of those workloads on a
single host server.

Powerful Server was designed from the ground-up
to handle the heavy demands of consolidated and virtualized
environments. Available in tower, rack and blade form factors,
PowerEdge brings innovative technologies and performance
leadership that allows organizations to fully leverage their
investment in virtualization.

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